Project Euler 16 Problem Statement

Work out the first ten digits of the sum of the following one-hundred 50-digit numbers.


… {data continues}


Summing a set of 50-digit numbers uses Python’s intrinsic arbitrary-precision integers and arithmetic.

The numbers to add are saved to a file named pe13.txt. This keeps the data and the program separate and the process easy to comprehend.

The file is read as strings and converted to a list of integers using the map function with open as the iterator and int as the application function:

total = sum(map(int, open('pe13.txt'))).

After the end of the file is reached the list is fed to the sum function which adds the integers together:

total = sum(map(int, open('pe13.txt'))).

Finally, the integer sum, total, is converted to a string and truncated to the top 10 digits for a solution.


HackerRank version

HackerRank increases the quantity of 50-digit numbers from 100 to 1,000. No changes to the program were required to handle the increase.

Python 2.7 Source

Last Word

  • The file is available in the REPL.IT window by clicking the  icon.
  • Also in one line: print "Top 10 digits of sum =", str(sum(map(int, open('pe13.txt'))))[:10]